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One-Minute Answers To Skeptics

by Charlie Campbell

Could you use help answering atheists, skeptics, and agnostics’ top 50 objections and questions about God and the Bible? Objections like:

  • “Why doesn’t God just appear to us in a public setting and prove He exists?”
  • “The New Testament authors stole details for Jesus’s life story from religions that were around long before Christianity!”
  • “The God of the Old Testament commanded the Israelites to commit genocide!”
  • “The Bible condones slavery! Only evil, selfish men would concoct a book like that!”
  • “You think Christianity is true because you live in the West and were brought up in the Christian faith. If you had been born in India, you’d be a Hindu!”

Learn how these and other objections and questions can be answered in this updated and expanded edition of One Minute Answers to Skeptics.