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The Facts On Halloween

John Ankerberg, John Weldon, and Dillon Burroughs team up to present The Facts on Halloween, a significant book from the popular Facts On Series (more than 1.9 million copies of books from this series sold).

Every Halloween, kids set out to gather as many goodies as they possibly can, acting out practices they know little about.  Whether through trick-or-treating in the neighborhood or dressing up in scary costumes for school, children learn about witches and ghosts, gruesome rituals, and the occult.  Is this fall custom truly innocent, or does Halloween have a darker side?

  • When and where did Halloween originate?
  • What specific customs are related to ancient pagan beliefs?
  • Is Halloween different today than it was a generation or two ago?
  • Are ghosts and poltergeists myths?  What about witches?
  • What should Christians know if they choose to participate in this event?

Parents trying to establish wholesome family traditions and people who are concerned about this growing holiday will find what they are looking for in The Facts on Halloween—easy-to-understand, factual, and relevant information.

About the Authors:

 John Ankerberg, host of the award-winning John Ankerberg Show, has three earned degrees: an MA in church history and the philosophy of Christian thought, an MDiv from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, and a DMin from Luther Rice Seminary. He has coauthored the 2-million-selling Facts On series of apologetic books, as well as Taking a Stand for the Bible and Israel Under Fire.

John Weldon has authored or coauthored more than 80 books. He has a Ph.D. in comparative religion and a D.Min. with emphasis in contemporary religious movements, as well as master’s degrees in divinity and Christian apologetics. With Dr. John Ankerberg, he has coauthored What Do Mormons Really Believe?, Fast Facts® on Islam, the “Facts On” Series of apologetic booklets, and others.

Dillon Burroughs is an activist and the author or coauthor of nearly 30 books on issues of faith and culture, including the groundbreaking Undefending Christianity. Dillon has served among at-risk American youth, constructed housing in Mexico’s barrios, provided aid relief in Haiti, and was most recently nominated for a CNN Hero award for his efforts to fight human trafficking. His written and edited works have been featured by NPR, MSNBC, ABC News, and other media outlets.